NFL Week 15/16 Re/Pre-view

THE RAIDERS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! No that’s not a typo, the Oakland Raiders have officially clinched a playoff spot for the first time since 2002! On this episode of Bays Golden Days Markus Boucher returns solo to break down every thing you need to know about how the Raiders have #returntogreatness, all of the NFL action from week 15 and the updated playoff picture. As well as looked ahead towards week 16 in our betting segment Straight Ca$h Homie. Stay updated on IG & twitter @BaysGoldenDays and keep an eye out for our “Oakland Raiders Holiday Album” to enjoy the season and the Raider Nation returning to the playoffs! Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

NFL Week 14/15 Re/Pre-view

Week 14 of the NFL season was the ugliest week that we have seen in the past two years, and it was not just because the Raiders & 49ers both took looses this weekend.  On this episode we broke down the lowest total scoring weekend in the past two years, looked at the playoff implications and looked ahead to the biggest matchups of the upcoming week 15 in our Straight Cash Homie betting segment. We also gave you all of our thoughts on the 49ers extending their losing streak and what the 49er Faithful have to look forward to in the future. If your looking for the full recap from the Raiders Thursday night matchup vs the Chiefs it is available on last weeks 2 for 1 Raiders special Podcast. To stay updated on every episode follow @BaysGoldenDays on IG & twitter and make sure to suscribe on Itunes & Google Play!

NFL Week 13/14 Re/Pre-view + TNF

13 weeks of the NFL season have officially gone by and the Bays Golden Days brings you a special solo podcast by Markus Boucher going over the NFL Playoff Picture thru 13 weeks! With the Oakland Raiders traveling to Arrowhead to face the  Kansas City Chiefs on TNF this podcast has not just one Raiders segment but two! Thats right full coverage from the win over the Buffalo Bills and instant reaction on the battle for the AFC West on TNF! This podcast has all the NFL action from week 13 and of course has our full betting segment Straight Cash Homie breaking down all of the NFL week 14 action!

NFL Week 12/13 Re/Pre-view

BaysGoldenDays presents episode 21 and we are extremely THANKFUL for all the amazing football this Thanksgiving weekend! Week 12 kicked off on Thanksgiving with some exciting division matchups and continued throughout the weekend with intriguing finishes that have shaken up the playoff picture. The Raiders and 49ers both ended up going down to the wire, but only the Raiders ended up with the W, as they continue their hot streak and defeated the Panthers at home in a nailbiter. The 49ers lost to the Dolphins in a competitive battle that went down to the final minutes, and this loss extends their losing streak to an abysmal 10 games. We go over all the upcoming Week 13 matchups and give our predictions for each game in our Straight Cash Homie segment. Always trying to make our listeners some money, so we give you are Pick 6 smart bets of the week that we believe can win you some MULA. Thank you to all our subscribers & followers, and keep your eyes & ears open for a NBA podcast coming out in the very near future!!

NFL Week 11/12 Re/Pre-view

Week 11 of the NFL season is wrapped up and the playoff picture is beginning to become visible. The Raiders took care of business at ‘home’ on Monday Night Football vs the Texans in Mexico City, taking sole possession of 1st place in the AFC West. Tom Brady had a successful homecoming, as the San Mateo kid guided the Patriots to a win in Santa Clara. This previous week had many significant matchups and we take an indepth look into every game with our positives/negatives. We take a look all Week 12 matchups in our ‘Straight Cash Homie’ segment with our predictions and preferred bets for each game. We hope to win you some money with our ‘Pick 6’ segment because we always want to TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE. Thank you to all our followers for listening and subscribing and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BGDsports or on Instagram @baysgoldendays to keep up with all podcast news!

NFL Week 10/11 Re/Pre-view + UFC 205

The Raiders were on a bye this week but the Bays Golden Days still have a fully loaded podcast breaking down the 49ers going down to the wire vs the Cardinals and all of the NFL action from an exciting week 10. We then looked ahead to all of the NFL week 11 matchups & points spread in our weekly betting segment Straight Cash Homie including Tom Brady coming home for the 1st time to the Bay Area to face the 49ers and the Raiders taking on the Texans down in Mexico on Monday Night Football! This podcast is loaded with NFL action and it ends breaking down one of the biggest fight cards of MMA history UFC 205!

NFL Week 9/10 Re/Pre-view

The Bays Golden Days are back and the Oakland Raiders (7-2) are in 1st place in the AFC West. That’s right, Markus Boucher is back breaking down the huge W from sunday night prime time vs the broncos as well as all of the other NFL action from week 9. We also looked at how the 49ers have fallen to (1-7)  and examined their upcoming matchup vs the cardinals in week 10 in our betting segment Straight Cash Homie.  So enjoy the Raiders bye week and catch up on all of the action from NFL week 9, the upcoming week 10, World Series and UFC 205 this podcast of the Bays Golden Days has it all!