NFL Week 8/9 Re/Pre-view

We are officially halfway through the NFL season, and the playoff picture is far from predicted. The Oakland Raiders leave Florida with two wins in two weeks, as they took care of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in OT. We take an in-depth look into all Week 8 games with our commentary on the positives/negatives we saw from each matchup. Week 9 is right around the corner and both Bay Area teams are back-in-action at home, with the Saints visiting the 49ers in Santa Clara, and the Raiders having a primetime division matchup against the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night. We take a look all Week 9 matchups in our ‘Straight Cash Homie’ segment with our predictions and preferred bets for each game. We hope to win you some money with our ‘Pick 6’ segment because we always want to TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE. Thank you to all our followers for listening and subscribing and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BGDsports or on Instagram @baysgoldendays to keep up with all podcast news!

NFL Week 7/8 Re/Pre-view

The NFL season is almost to its halfway mark, and there are no unbeaten teams left! The Bay Area got a little love this weekend as the Raiders took out the Jaguars in Jacksonville, but the San Francisco 49ers continued their losing ways as they took a L at home against the Bucs. Many intriguing matchups are in store for Week 8 with a few early potential playoff matchups. Matty Ice and the Falcons face the Packers in what should be a high scoring affair, as the Cowboys look to take control of the NFC East against the Philadelphia Eagles. The 49ers are on a bye this week, while the Raiders stay in Florida to take on the Tampa Bay Bucs. We have you covered on all Week 8 matchups with our Straight Cash Homie segment, and hopefully we can win you some money with our ‘Pick 6’. Thank you for subscribing and keep following for all new BaysGoldenDays information.

World Series & NBA Season Preview

THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR IS HERE. THE WORLD SERIES is about to begin with one of the most appealing matchup in decades, the Cleveland Indians face off against the Chicago Cubs. As the first pitch is being thrown, the NBA Season will also be tipping off as the Cavs face the Knicks, and the Warriors complete the doubleheader against the Spurs in Oracle. We give you our preview on the Cubs vs. Indians, as well as justify our winners and losers. This NBA season is plagued with expectation for the Golden State Warriors, and we give our take on this years hottest NBA topics. This is the best time to be a sports fan, and we got you covered on all big upcoming headlines for the 2016-2017 NBA season.

NFL Week 6/7 Re/Pre-view

BaysGoldenDays brings you to Podcast #14, the Week 6 NFL Review/Week 7 Preview! Not a great weekend for the Bay Area, as for the second time this year, both franchises took home losses in their respective matchups. The 49ers continued their losing streak as they were gutted by Shady Mccoy and his 3 TDs in Buffalo, while the Chiefs handed the Raiders their second home loss of the season. We take an in-depth look at every Week 6 matchup, and highlight our positives and negatives for each team. Week 7 is just around the corner, and we have you covered on every game with our closing segment, Straight Cash Homie! We provide point spreads & Over/Under betting numbers while taking a look at all upcoming Week 7 matchups around the NFL. While going through every game, we justify our predictions while choosing our preferred bets for each matchup. At the end of the segment we give you our, Pick 6 bets of the weekend, which we believe are the six ‘safest’ bets to make this weekend, so you can TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE! Be sure to tune in because we have more upcoming BaysGoldenDays news in the Outro that you definitely want to hear! Thank you for subscribing and downloading on Itunes and GooglePlay! Follow us on Instagram at @baysgoldendays or on Twitter @BGDsports!

NFL Week 5/6 Re/Pre-view

Week 5 of the NFL season has come to a end and the Bays Golden Days are here too break down every game from this weekend. BGD was joined once again by Big Al to break down all of AFC North division games including his Steelers taking control of the division. All that plus the biggest storylines of the week and everything you need to know about bay area football starting off with the 49ers disappointing loss on TNF falling to 1-4, all the way to the Raiders getting their first home victory of the season to improve to 4-1 on the year. Can the Raiders keep it going in Oakland vs the Chiefs? How will Kapernick do in his 1st start of the season vs the Bills? Tune into the latest episode of Bays Golden Days to find out.

NFL Week 4/5 Re/Pre-view

The best time of the year is upon us, where all major sports begin to intertwine. The NFL season has hit the quarter mark, and nothing is turning out as expected. The Vikings are 4-0 without AP & Teddy Bridgewater, the Pats got shutout for the first time at Gillette Stadium, and the Raiders are 3-0 on the road. Oakland is on a roll as they continued their road dominance with a win in Baltimore. On the other side of the bay, the 49ers took a big hit this weekend, as they lost All-Pro LB Navorro Bowman to a season-ending injury in their defeat to the Dallas Cowboys. We have you covered on all Week 4 matchups, as we highlight the positives and negatives for each game across the NFL. Here at BGDsports, we are always trying to make you some money, so we incorporated a new segment after Straight Cash Homie, called Pick 6. After taking a look at all upcoming Week 5 matchups, we give you our “smart six bets” that we believe are guarantees with parlay payout numbers. Baseball playoffs are beginning and we are going to give you guys a complete MLB playoff preview show during the middle of the week before all the fun begins. Follow us on Twitter @BGDsports or on Instagram @BaysGoldenDays.

NFL Week 3/4 Re/Pre-view

The 3rd week of the NFL has concluded and there are only 5 remaining undefeated teams left in the NFL is your team one of them? Markus Boucher takes over this episode solo to break down all of the action from every week 3 game including full in depth coverage for both the 49ers & the Raiders. Also we took a look ahead at the best matchups coming up in week 4 in our betting segment Straight Cash Homie, going over every week 4 points spread. Can the 49ers comeback home and beat the dallas cowboys in the battle of 5 rings? Will the Raiders improve to a 3-0 road record in Baltimore? Tune in to the latest episode of Bays Golden Days to find out!