2016 NFL Season Preview

ITS FOOTBALL TIME!!!, and BaysGoldenDays is back with Podcast#8, the 2016 NFL Season Preview. We take an in-depth look at both Conferences, discussing each team in every division, as well as give our predictions on Division winners and potential playoff matchups. Each division is thoroughly examined, highlighting major offseason moves that have catapulted teams such as the Jaguars into playoff contenders. YES, the Jaguars a playoff contender. This is the BAYSGOLDENDAYS so we made sure to give everybody an even deeper look into the season outlook for the 49ers and Raiders. Haven’t drafted yet? Don’t worry fantasy procrastinators, we got you hooked up with fantasy information from beginning to end. To end the show comes to a benefit for all GAMBLERS, as we give predictions of Week 1 matchups with POINT SPREADS(espn) and OVER/UNDER.


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