NFL Week 2/3 Re/Pre-view

The second week of the NFL season is all wrapped up, and BaysGoldenDays has you covered on all Week 2 action, as well as our predictions on all the matchups for Week 3. The Bay Area snapped back to reality quick, as the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers each lost their respective matchups. Once again, Oakland ended up in a close contest with a NFC South gunslinger, Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. A couple tipped balls and questionable penalties sealed the Raiders defeat in their first home game of the season. The 49ers defense showed promise vs. Carolina, as they won the turnover battle, but still lost by almost three touchdowns. We discuss the positives and negatives of their Week 2 losses, as well as offer potential adjustments the 49ers and Raiders could make by Sunday. Week 3 is full of intriguing matchups and we break down each game with a little twist in our segment, Straight Cash Homie. In this segment, we give the numbers for the Spread and Over/Under betting lines while examining each game for the upcoming week. We attempt to suggest our “smart” bets while predicting our winners/losers across the league for Week 3. That concludes Episode #10, a milestone episode for BaysGoldenDays, and we want to thank the fans that have subscribed or downloaded our podcast, this is only the beginning!

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