NFL Week 12/13 Re/Pre-view

BaysGoldenDays presents episode 21 and we are extremely THANKFUL for all the amazing football this Thanksgiving weekend! Week 12 kicked off on Thanksgiving with some exciting division matchups and continued throughout the weekend with intriguing finishes that have shaken up the playoff picture. The Raiders and 49ers both ended up going down to the wire, but only the Raiders ended up with the W, as they continue their hot streak and defeated the Panthers at home in a nailbiter. The 49ers lost to the Dolphins in a competitive battle that went down to the final minutes, and this loss extends their losing streak to an abysmal 10 games. We go over all the upcoming Week 13 matchups and give our predictions for each game in our Straight Cash Homie segment. Always trying to make our listeners some money, so we give you are Pick 6 smart bets of the week that we believe can win you some MULA. Thank you to all our subscribers & followers, and keep your eyes & ears open for a NBA podcast coming out in the very near future!!

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