NFL Week 14/15 Re/Pre-view

Week 14 of the NFL season was the ugliest week that we have seen in the past two years, and it was not just because the Raiders & 49ers both took looses this weekend.  On this episode we broke down the lowest total scoring weekend in the past two years, looked at the playoff implications and looked ahead to the biggest matchups of the upcoming week 15 in our Straight Cash Homie betting segment. We also gave you all of our thoughts on the 49ers extending their losing streak and what the 49er Faithful have to look forward to in the future. If your looking for the full recap from the Raiders Thursday night matchup vs the Chiefs it is available on last weeks 2 for 1 Raiders special Podcast. To stay updated on every episode follow @BaysGoldenDays on IG & twitter and make sure to suscribe on Itunes & Google Play!

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