Oakland Raiders Full 2016 Season

With the latest news of the NFL owners approving the Las Vegas relocation vote (31-1) it is more likely than ever that the Raiders will be playing their last games here in the Bay Area as the OAKLAND Raiders so it is time to reflect here on the Bays Golden Days as we have put together our coverage from every single raiders game and podcast starting from our season preview all the way to the end of the playoff drought. The Bays Golden Days Markus Boucher takes you through all the highs and lows of an amazing season and prepares you for the future of the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders. It dosen’t matter if your an Oakland OG reliving the return to greatness or a new Las Vegas Fan doing some research for your new team this podcast has every big play and major stoyline from the raiders 2016 season. Regardless of where the Raiders are playing the Bays Golden Days will never stop covering the Raiders, this isn’t the first time the Raiders have moved and who knows if it will be the last. But there is one thing that I do know, and that is THERE IS ONLY ONE RAIDER NATION

Week 1 @ New Orleans Saints 9:54
Week 2 vs Atlanta Falcons 17:28

Week 3 @ Tennessee Titans 29:50
Week 4 @ Baltimore Ravens 38:55
Week 5 vs San Diego Chargers 52:10
Week 6 vs Kansas City Chiefs 1:10:12
Week 7 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 1:23:00
Week 8 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:32:00
Week 9 vs Denver Broncos 1:48:00
Week 11 vs Houston Texans 2:00:50

Week 12 vs Carolina Panthers 2:22:30
Week 13 vs Buffalo Bills 2:37:55
Week 14 @ Kansas City 2:49:00

Week 15 @ San Diego Chargers 2:59:00
Week 16 vs Indianapolis Colts 3:17:00
Week 17 @ Denver Broncos 3:31:45
Playoffs @ Houston Texans 3:38:10


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