2017 NFL Week 6/7 Re/Pre-view

Week 6 of the 2017 NFL season has concluded and unfortunately the Oakland Raiders have suffered defeat once again for the fourth straight week to the Los Angeles Chargers 17-16. On this episode of the Bays Golden Days podcast we start off by breaking down the Raiders latest loss in every aspect of the game from an underachieving offense, to a defense that is keeping the Raiders in games but not winning them, and all the way down the line to a coaching staff that looks like its getting  simply out coached. From there we look at the Raiders upcoming Thursday night match-up vs the Kansas City Chiefs and as always we review all of our picks and bets from week 6 before moving onto our upcoming picks and bets from week 7 of the 2017 NFL season in our weekly betting segment “Straight Ca$h Homie!” Every game, every bet & everything you need to know about the Oakland Raiders only on the Bays Golden Days Podcast available on Itunes, Google Play and bgdsports.com.

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