2017 NFL Week 15/16 Re/Pre-view

15 weeks of the 2017 NFL season are down for the count and its looking like the Oakland Raiders are also after watching there playoff hopes all but disapear this weekend after losing to the Dallas Cowboys 20-17. On this episode of the Bays Golden Days podcast we start off by breaking down the terrible officiating from week 15 and we try to figure out how the hell does folding a piece of paper and putting it in a gap between the ball and the 1st down maker results in a 1st down?!?!?! #PAPERGATE All before moving onto to our preview for an upcoming week 16 Monday Night Christmas match-up against the Philadelphia Eagles! As always we review all of our picks and bets from week 15 before moving onto our upcoming picks and bets from week 16 of the 2017 NFL season in our weekly betting segment “Straight Ca$h Homie!” Every game, every bet & everything you need to know about the Oakland Raiders only on the Bays Golden Days Podcast available on Itunes, Google Play and bgdsports.com

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