Super Bowl 52 Review


ITS ALL OVER FOLKS!!! DOWN GOES BRADY! NICK FOLES & THE EAGLES ARE SUPER BOWL 52 CHAMPS!!! Yup, you read that right, the 2017/2018 NFL Season is officially over as the Philadelphia Eagles have beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52,41-33! The victory marks the 1st every Super Bowl for the Eagles in franchise history! While the Patriots will be joining the Denver Broncos as the only two teams in NFL history to loose 5 Super Bowls! On this episode of the Bays Golden Days Podcast we start off by breaking down one of the highest scoring super bowls ever, quarter by quarter, covering every single one of the 9 TD’s, 5 Fg’s, 1,151 yards, 42 1st downs, the one punt and the one strip sack that won the game for the Eagles. From there we look at the biggest questions that rose up from SB52 such as how this loss will affect the legacy of Tom Brady? What happened to Malcom butler & was Bill Belicheck out coached by Doug Pederson?Is this the end of the Patriots Dynasty? & What does this mean for the future of the Eagles and Nick Foles? We answered all of these questions and the wrap it up with a full 2018 NFL Free Agency Preview looking at all of the top FA’s, their potential landing spots and who would fit in well in the Bay Area on both the Oakland Raiders & SF 49ers! This podcast has it all! Full Super Bowl 52 Coverage, 2018 NFL Free Agency preview & everything you need to know about the Raiders only on the Bays Golden Days Podcast available on Itunes, Google Play and

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