Straight Cash NFL Week 15 Betting Podcast!

Its week 15 of the 2019 NFL season which means there are only three weeks left of the regular season to bet on, but as always the Bays Golden Days Straight Cash Podcast is back with another round of double digit winners against the spread & on the money line including our pick of the 49ers getting the upset victory in the game of the season down in New Orleans 48-46! So of course we had to start of the podcast with a full 49ers & Saints recap before moving onto the Raiders who will be playing their final game in Oakland this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars! After wrapping up the Bay Area football discussion we move onto a full slate of Sunday games, TNF, SNF, & MNF with a full list of winners & upset against the point spread and the money line! We’ve got every game, every bet & everything you need to know about Bay Area Football FOR FREE, only on the Bays Golden Days Podcast available on Itunes, Apple Podcast, Google Play and!

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