NFL Wildcard/Divisional Re/Pre-view

The NFL playoffs kicked off last weekend in unexpected fashion as each Wild Card matchup concluded with double-digit losses, including the Bay Area’s own, the Oakland Raiders. The fifth-seed Raiders, led by rookie third-string QB Connor Cook, whose first NFL start saw him get knocked out by the Texans, 14-27 in the only competitive matchup of the entire weekend. We got you covered on an in-depth recap of the entire Wild Card round as we look into every game and discuss the positives/negatives of each matchup and the ramifications this past weekend stores for the future. The top 4-seeds of each Conference advanced to the Divisional Round this upcoming weekend, with four electrifying matchups set-in-stone. It’s Straight Cash Homie, where we close out the show by examining every game for this upcoming weekend, detail our pros/cons for each matchup with our predicted winners/losers, as well as try to win our subscribers some money by giving you our ‘smart bets’ for all four games this weekend. That wraps up Episode#27 and don’t forget to follow our Instagram & Twitter accounts for all updated ‘BaysGoldenDays’ information. Last but not least, a big thank you to our listeners/subscribers for their continued support through the start of our journey, and this is only the beginning.

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