Straight Cash 2020 NFL Betting Podcast Week 9!

It’s Week 9 of the 2020 NFL Season and the Straight Cash NFL Betting Podcast is back with some bad news for the first time this season as the boys have had their first losing week against the spread with a 6-7 record, however, the moneyline was their savior to keep the winning streak alive! So tune into the newest episode of the Straight Cash NFL Betting Podcast to get a full break down of the 49ers back to back losses, the Raiders division matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers and Sunday Nights matchup between future Hall of Famers Tom Brady and Drew Brees!  We’ve got every game, every bet & everything you need to know about Bay Area Football FOR FREE, only on the Bays Golden Days Podcast available on Itunes, Apple Podcast, Google Play and!

Oakland Raiders Full 2017 Season

The 2017 NFL season if officially over so it is time once again to reflect back on the Oakland Raiders 2017 season. After coming off a stellar 12-4 season & a return to the playoffs in 2016, it was without a doubt a disappointing season that did not live up to expectations, but the Bays Golden Days Podcast still stuck around to preview and review every single game of the Raiders 2017 season providing nearly 6 hours of in depth coverage from Derek Carr’s early season injuries, to the demise of Todd Downing, to the firing of Jack Del Rio and the hiring of Jon Gruden! This Oakland Raiders 2017 Mega-Podcast has it all! Every game, every story line & everything you need to know about the Oakland Raiders 2017 season only on the Bays Golden Days Podcast available on Itunes, Google Play and


0:00 season preview
18:00 W1 @ Titans
32:25 W2 vs Jets
46:05 W3 @ Redskins
1:01:7 W4 @ Broncos
1:21:58 W5 vs Ravens
1:40:55 W6 vs Chargers
1:59:53 w7 vs Chiefs
2:34:00 w8 vs Bills
2:53:11 w9 @ Dolphins
3:09:00 w11 vs Patriots
3:31:00 w12 vs Broncos
3:52:58 w13 vs Giants
4:12:00 w14 @ Chiefs
4:34:00 w15 vs Cowboys
4:52:43 w16 @ Eagles
5:08:00 w17 @ Chargers
5:21:30 Gruden Rumors/ Jack Del Rio Fired
5:28:15 Final Thoughts/ 2018 outlook
5:34:44 Welcome back Coach Gruden



NFL Wildcard/Divisional Re/Pre-view

The NFL playoffs kicked off last weekend in unexpected fashion as each Wild Card matchup concluded with double-digit losses, including the Bay Area’s own, the Oakland Raiders. The fifth-seed Raiders, led by rookie third-string QB Connor Cook, whose first NFL start saw him get knocked out by the Texans, 14-27 in the only competitive matchup of the entire weekend. We got you covered on an in-depth recap of the entire Wild Card round as we look into every game and discuss the positives/negatives of each matchup and the ramifications this past weekend stores for the future. The top 4-seeds of each Conference advanced to the Divisional Round this upcoming weekend, with four electrifying matchups set-in-stone. It’s Straight Cash Homie, where we close out the show by examining every game for this upcoming weekend, detail our pros/cons for each matchup with our predicted winners/losers, as well as try to win our subscribers some money by giving you our ‘smart bets’ for all four games this weekend. That wraps up Episode#27 and don’t forget to follow our Instagram & Twitter accounts for all updated ‘BaysGoldenDays’ information. Last but not least, a big thank you to our listeners/subscribers for their continued support through the start of our journey, and this is only the beginning.